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Fuck Yeah, Hawkeye!
Fuck Yeah, Hawkeye!
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Crossfire: Nnnnh. What’s with this thing? Nnnh. I can’t seem to draw the bowstring—

Hawkeye: Concussive arrow going off at his feet! Weakest hero in town, am I, sucker? Then what does that make you? You didn’t have the strength to pull my 250 pound bow! Ahh, he’s out of it. I’ll bind him up with some cord in my quiver.

For all that Clint is a normal kind of guy, some things about him—okay, a lot of things—still require that readers suspend disbelief. And I’m not just referring to people taking him seriously when he’s in that costume, with a leg cast, on his sky cycle, trying to be a hero.

Pull weight for comic archers is a nebulous thing. In the real world, Olympic archers use 50-pound bows, while weaponized longbows of the past could get up to well over 150. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, but 250 pounds (whether Clint’s referring to the pull weight or some other measurement) is pretty damn impressive.  

But that’s sort of what this moment is all about. Crossfire targeted Clint because he thought he was the weakest costumed hero, easy pickings. To add insult to injury when Clint escapes his trap, Crossfire’s going to finish him off with his own weapons. But he can’t. Clint’s powers are his talent and his hard work; maybe just about anyone has the capability to become an archer like he is, but not many people actually have.

Also note that Hawkeye’s a little disappointed that Cross got knocked out, and cannot hear his gleeful rebuttal to earlier slights.

From Hawkeye Volume 1 #04 (Mark Gruenwald) 

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